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There are so many things people just "know" about their time: how to travel, where to worship, and how to dress are just a few of those. As reenactors & living historians we are people of the 21st century, who aim to become people of the mid 19th century for a weekend at the time.

The Midwest Civil War Civilian Conference was started with the goal of filling those gaps in our knowledge of the everyday functioning of mid 19th century life. We aim to assemble experts in the most varied fields to share their knowledge in various ways. The conference was and still is the premier project for the Midwest Civil War Education Inc., but we also widen our educational offerings by sponsoring other educational groups and events, as well as living history events.

Midwest Civil War Civilian Conference Group Photo
L-R: Front Row: Board Chair Kay Gnagey, Board Member Sue Pfeiffer, Board Treasurer Marta Vincent. Middle Row: Board Member Dr. Russ Gilliom, Web Committee Chair Kathleen Yurkonis, Henry Vincent. Back Row: Board Co-Chair & Marketing Committee Chair Cheri Fry, Board member David Walker, Joseph Reed, Board Secretary Mary Bogumill.

Photograph taken at the 2009 Midwest Civil War Civilian Conference when we hosted our Friday Night Welcome Reception at the Old State Capitol in Springfield, Illinois.
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